Meinblau e.V.
Haus 5 Kunst- und Atelierhaus Meinblau
Christinenstraße 18-19
10119 Berlin



Currently all studios available at Meinblau are on long-term lease.
With effect from January 1, 2017 any leasable studio
will be awarded through the Studio Lease Program Berlin
of Kulturwerk of bbk berlin e.V only.

You have to apply a request for studio assignment:

award criteria:


We therefore kindly ask you to refrain from sending us
any enquiries for studios at Meinblau.



PROJECT SPACE: please read our info paper before your request!

UNFORTUNATELY WE CAN NOT CONSIDER ANYMORE PROJECT PROPOSALS for 2018 at the moment, thanks for your understanding! 

We will release a new deadline for external proposals for 2019 in summer 2018 on our website.

Questions and specific issues regarding the project space,

please contact:


contact: Anne Hölck




contact: Jule Kaiser